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Morning everyone.

#good morning followers #i have so much stuff to do today #like write #and make crappy graphics #hmmm..... #i guess that's not a lot but it will take me a while to do #you can send me prompts if you want #i'll just be doing some practice writing this morning before i tackle the heavy stuff #and i need more ideas than the same prompts i have on my computer #not that any of you will actually do that #i never get any asks from you guys #XD #alice and her silent followers #i completely murdered these tags
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So I was thinking of placing all the Korra Drabbles / Prompts I’ve written onto one big collection on my FF account so people who don’t know about my tumblr can read them too.

The only problem is that I have no idea what I would call it. =.=

Any suggestions from my silent followers?

#alice asks stuff #and gets no responses #because of the silence of the followers #god now i'm thinking of you all as weeping angels or something #alice and her silent followers #weeping angel followers