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The Walking Dead AU // Tokka! Done at one in the morning. This was extremely fun if anyone has ideas for this universe I would gladly draw it omg. And don’t worry, Lin is in Aang’s camp, it’s a happy reunion.

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hey, a tip to ppl making posts or asks about how people are “blowing this out of proportion” or even one i’ve seen to “calm down you fuckheads”—stop. you’re being an ass. you’re on a website where ppl post ten million gifs in one post about how jared padalecki makes them drown in feels, ofc people are going to be upset about a network mishandling their favorite show whether or not it’s cancelled. it’s not airing on tv any more and it’s not getting out to new fans, and information comes even to the most dedicated/sleuthing of online fans only a day or two before major changes. so yeah, watching korra online instead of on tv isn’t really changing my life in any way, but i’m still frustrated.

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tbh i think you're blowing this out of proportion like a lot of korra fans are, they're already started recording book 4, if nick was gonna shut down korra they would finish what they are working on. So either way a whole other season. Also if they are still going through and doing all this work I HIGHLY doubt they would sacrifice all that money to put it up online. btw if that is a real quote i assume its a joke about the fact that they were salty about the spoilers dont get people scared

oh, don’t worry anon. i’m not worried about the state of book 4 at all - the writings been done, the voices have been recorded, animation is underway at mir. it’s being made, no worry there. same with book 3. it’s done, we’ll see it (eventually). 

my / the fandom’s only problem is the way nick’s network itself is handling lok when it comes to promotion of the show to a general audience. there’s been virtually no news or status updates between seasons, release dates are thrown out like the morning paper and leaks happen BIG TIME without a word on their end on if they are handling it at all. no promotions for new episodes to bring hype during the week except for 45 second clips they put up online and they change airtimes and take scheduled episodes off the air DAYS before they’re supposed to go up, etc. etc. do you see where this is going?

as for the “quote” that is, in fact, real. it’s from Mike DiMartino’s Facebook page here. (very first post at the top) so korra is going to be shown online after this friday. no more tv time slot. 

if you have any other doubts, they’ll most likely be answered or explained at sdcc this friday. so sit tight, okay?

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I’m laughing so hard because “Catch a brand new episode you can’t see online or anywhere else” has literally been their catchphrase in all the promos this season what are they gonna say now like “Hey kids we were just messin with you log on to to see a brand new Korra that you can’t see on your TV or anywhere else!”

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Ok, so apparently Korra isn’t going to be airing on TV anymore after this Friday!


Ok, so apparently Korra isn’t going to be airing on TV anymore after this Friday!

#my only questions are: what sites / will it be paid to watch (probably?) / how many episodes at once #like is it still going to be a weekly thing or are they going to throw the rest of the season at us at once #the last one seems like the better option if it is pay to watch but we'll just have to sit tight and wait >.> #lok #book 3 news #hey good side: no more shitty commericals or full house cliffhangers
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The ABC's of Avatar: The Last Airbender 

This avatar side blog has been going strong for about 2 years now and somehow I reached 4,000+ followers a couple weeks ago! For me, this is a pretty big accomplishment so I wanted to do something different to celebrate. Instead of making icons, a follow forever, psd packs, etc, I decided to make this. A gif set that captures the essence of Avatar: The Last Airbender, a show we all fell in love with almost 10 years ago and still love to this day. Avatar was such a big part of my childhood and it feels like all I’ve done is blink and now I’m an adult starting college this fall! But ya know what? I’m ready to start my own grand adventure and who knows, maybe I’ll end up changing the world like my buddy Aang. (;

To all my lovely followers, this one’s for you! 


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"you can’t see online!"

*puts the episodes for people to see it online*

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I’m just waiting for them to sing campfire songs

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let’s be honest we all know who the real “terror within” is here and it sure as hell ain’t the red lotus

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nick reacting to the concerns of the lok fandom:


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Nick's Schedule Updated on Toonzone for this Week 


Spongebob repeat replaces 2nd Korra episode.

#i was trying to be calm about this but i'm just too full of rage right now #like nick it's a half an hour out of your timeslot what are you doing showing that damn yellow sponge AGAIN it's literally everything on you #your network right now ?????? #nickwank #book 3 news #lok #oh GREAT this means we have to wait even longer for why the red lotus is doing everything THAT'S WONDERFUL
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lady-hawke suggested I draw the Gaang as Goofy Movie characters.

I sort of went a little overboard.

(Also please don’t remove my artist comments! :c)

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you guys don’t understand if they cancel Korra I’ll literally never get over it. I’ll be 90 years old and the doctors will be like “ma’am I’ve got some bad news for you… you’re dying” and I’ll probably just be like “TOO LATE NICKELODEON ALREADY KILLED ME 70 YEARS AGO”

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Before you continue to freak out about the Korra scheduling, there's also the fact that it could be doing better than expected, so Nick is deciding to make them one episode a week again.

While nickandmore is not an official nick source they have been reliable with information in the past and seeing that the ratings for this season are in the toilet I think it would be a safe bet to say that while moving it to a one episode per week schedule would be ideal / hopeful in a situation like this given the fact that the entire season has been multiple episodes per week switching to that in the middle of the season would be odd and out of place to a normal viewer (as would cutting it from the air altogether but that’s another story entirely nick’s done this with previous seasons of avatar the last airbender when it was airing on tv so it wouldn’t be a surprise to be if that’s the route they chose to take-)

I lost my train of thought writing this out. Point is (I think): yes, we don’t know for sure until we get an official word from nick / bryke (heck - they could have just done this to get everyone caught up in time for comic con who knowsbut the source we have cannot be deemed as completely false and in the meantime I’m going to “freak out” as much as I want because this news is fresh and unexpected  and I’m still in the “heat-of-the-moment” phase and nick has the power to do whatever they want with this show

#sexysylviaplath #mad hatter replies #tbh i'm not even ''freaking'' so much as i am getting mad at nick for this even being brought into possibility #i kept losing my train of thought with this so i'm just going to publish and leave it and move onto waiting for official news #alice talks lok #nickwank